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WINology – World Class Performance is more than just a book that shares Joel’s secrets to winning in life. It is a blueprint with practical, systematic steps that can be applied to any aspect of your life, your business and your community. Learn to “Live on Top” in every aspect of your life by learning how to think — and more importantly — act like the winner you are.


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If you want to engage your audience with a dynamic, inspirational speaker and ensure your next event is potentially life-changing, contact us. Joel is a master motivator and educator who is known for making events exhilarating and galvanizing for all attendees.


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Do you want more than just a single event with Joel? Joel can provide ongoing leadership training for your sales department, management team or any other group in your organization. Watch your organization evolve into achieving success beyond anyone’s imagination with Joel’s guidance.

About Joel


Joel Scrivner’s journey to WINology began when he was a mere teen. As a young martial arts champion, Joel learned that it took more than just training and discipline to win — it also required a formidable determination to succeed despite all odds and setbacks.

Joel cultivated and refined the strategies he used as a global martial arts champion into every aspect of his life. By applying the strategy he later named WINology, he has become a successful husband, business owner, faith leader, author, leadership trainer and international motivational speaker.

Joel’s passion to help others achieve similar success has motivated him to share his secrets to winning. WINology is a practical, systematic approach that can be applied by individuals, sales departments, leadership teams and organizations to become winners in every aspect.

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Mike Evans

#1 New York Times bestseller

Joel will be proclaimed the best 21st Century success coach in America.  His book, WINology, is a masterpiece; a road map for success in life & business.  I 100% recommend it.


Erin Botsford

Founder & CEO Botsford Financial Group - Top 100 Women

A true winner, Joel Scrivner is a living testimony to the system he has created. WINology is a strategic system that is sure to elevate your personal life, leadership team or entire business. This book will challenge, enlighten, and inspire the best in everyone who reads it.


Marc Accetta

International Director of Training World Ventures

Joel has definitely always been a winner, and now we all know why! I have seen his impact on many people, including my own daughter. The formula for success truly is the same no matter what endeavor you are participating in. In WINology, Joel does a masterful job of dissecting it and presenting it a very simple formula that anybody can follow.


Kevin Boyd

Founder and CEO K&G Enterprises

WINology is a goldmine! I couldn’t put this book down! Joel has brilliantly laid out the principles that every winner has in common. I will personally read this book again & again!


Danny Bae

Entrepreneur Motivational Speaker Leadership Development Teacher VP of Sales for ACN

Joel Scrivner truly understands the science of winning. He is a true champion & a master teacher. WINology is a Must Read for everyone that desires to WIN in everything they do.


John L Albers

Col USMC (Ret) Mckinney, TX

One of the best I’ve read – Winology 101 was engaging and easy to read! Most importantly, it delivered practical steps for executing a championship game plan in your life. Whether you work for a company, are an athlete, stay at home parent, or serve in the military – Winology 101 can show you how to bring excellence to your game and take you to the Championship level.


James Wheeler

Vice President, Commercial Property Insurance Fortune 75 Corporate Executive

I was saddened to learn that through his book, “WINology,” Joel would be sharing his nine steps to winning in life, business and relationships because those nine steps gave me a competitive advantage over my competition and I wanted it to remain a secret. Joking of course, I encourage every leader to read “WINology.” This book will take you on Joel’s journey of becoming a world-class martial arts champion and provide you with key takeaways in becoming the best leader you can be.


Charles Beauford

Founder and CEO of BeauMed Consultants and MedEdge BPM Former VP of Sales and Business Development of StatScript Biologicals

WINology is sensational! Joel lays out revolutionary and breakthrough strategies that when applied, will ensure you reach new plateaus in life. For anyone who desires to achieve greatness in any area, WINology is a must read!


Michelle Prince

Zig Ziglar Motivational Speaker Best-Selling Author Self Publishing Expert

If you are looking for a competitive edge in LIFE; to be a true winner; then this book is for you! Joel Scrivner has created an exceptional success system, called “WINology” that will show you the steps necessary to be successful in both your personal and professional life. We all have the ability to WIN in life, and with Joel’s help you will achieve extraordinary results by following a few simple steps. I highly recommend you read this book and to do it NOW!


David Hollie

Store Team Lead Whole Foods Market

Within the pages of WINology – The Evolution of a Winner is a simple, yet challenging blueprint that will help us to move towards excellence in every area of our lives. And who better to lead us by the hand and take us through this than Joel Scrivner, who has walked these principles out through testing and trial, victory and triumph in his own life. WINology works! I’ve witnessed it firsthand.


Kevin Brown

President and CEO, IPC, LLC. Founder, The Maroon Institute Learning Culture Founder, the Greater Truth

Joel Scrivner is one of life’s wonderfully rare winners who doesn’t hesitate to share those secret things he has learned with the world. Although on the surface this might appear to be yet another successful person cashing in on the ‘self-help book craze,’ understand that Joel has been refining this message, sharing it for years. By helping us understand that winning is not this ethereal lottery and actually a science that can be studied, embraced and conquered, Joel has provided valuable tools to change lives and destinies.


James Mathews

Founder of ElevateX Chairman of Health 2.0 India, Director of Indian School of Business Jr. NBA and FIBA Certified Coach Mentor at University of California, Berkeley and Ashoka University

This is a different book. Joel has written a book for those working in unchartered territory under ambiguous instructions and have taken a leap of faith with little else to go on than a firm belief in themselves. Joel has decoded the secrets of winning. If you are going after something considered impossible to achieve, the wisdom you pick up from Joel will not just make you a winner, it will turn you into the rarest of bright shining stars.


Dr. Brian Epperson

CEO & Founder Human Performance Advisors; Dean, Chesapeake Energy School of Business, Oklahoma Wesleyan University

WINology has finally conceptualized the overarching prerequisites of becoming a top performer in a systemized way that makes the notion not only appealing, but possible.


Sommer Collier

Founder & CEO, A Spicy Perspective

The principles Joel Scrivner shares in WINology can help anyone turn their dream into a reality. We have used these methods for winning to build our recipe and travel website from a hobby into a thriving family business that allows both my husband and I to work together from home, and provides opportunities to travel all over the world as family. I would recommend WINology to anyone who needs encouragement, and know-how, to take their talents and plans to the next level. Success is possible, and WINology offers the kick in the pants needed to set you on your way!


Ryan Binkley

President - Generational Equity; M&A Advisor; Valuation Firm of the Year 2014

WINology lays out the blueprint that every organization and individual can follow for success. From defining what it takes to win to initiating lasting change, this book will challenge you to go higher than you ever thought possible. Joel does more than define a strategy to win, he shows you how.


Salman Mistry

Mistry Capital & Co.

Joel brings to bear a fresh approach to moving past failure – a framework of 4 Phases and 9 Critical Steps – borne of his personal failures and successes, and with terrific examples of people we know. Engaging, challenging, and genuine – a great read! This can be done, and Joel is providing a new way to behave and think about WINNING!


Dr. Lance Wallnau

CEO/Founder, Lance Learning Group

This book and Joel will help you believe in you. Follow this WINology formula and in not too long we will be reading your books and celebrating your victories. Nothing would make Joel happier.

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